Wintry Weather Causing Accidents

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11:00 a.m. Update: The overpass at FM 2818 and Wellborn has been opened both directions.

The only accident being worked by officers is at Highway 6 and FM 2818.

9:40 a.m. Update:

CSPD says the FM 2818 overpass at Wellborn Road is still closed. Traffic is being diverted from southbound FM 2818 at Holleman. Officers continue to work weather related traffic incidents along Highway 6 from William D Fitch to University Drive, University Drive from FM 2818 to Highway 6 and all along Wellborn Road.

College Station PD are working several accidents because of the wintry weather outside.

CSPD is getting reports of ice along Highway 6.

They are also working a traffic accidents in the following locations:

Currently the police department is working numerous accidents in the following areas:

Hwy 6 at Emerald Pkwy
Hwy 6 at William D. Fitch
Hwy 6 at Rock Prairie
Hwy 6 at Nantucket

FM 2818 at Texas
FM 2818 at Wellborn
FM 2818 at Raymond Stotzer

Bryan PD is also working a single vehicle rollover at Briarcrest and Highway 6. It appears the southbound entrance ramp at Briarcrest is shut down. It does not appear there were any injuries.

A car slid off road on Hwy 47 at Leonard Rd. The incident at WJB and Texas was not an accident but a car that broke down.

Other accidents in Bryan:
Finfeather and Groesbeck
N. Earl Rudder and WJB
N. Earl Rudder and SH 21
E. 25th and Luza Ln.

Traffic in the areas surrounding these accident locations is backed up and we ask motorists to avoid these areas.

They are asking drivers to use caution, to reduce speed, increase following distance and avoid bridges and overpasses.

We're getting calls to the newsroom about ice forming along Highway 30, in Brazos County. Several accidents seen along the road.