With Kids Back to School, Be Cautious on the Roads

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With many students heading back to school Monday, the Department of Public Safety is reminding all drivers to keep an eye out for kids walking to and from classes and buses.

Authorities remind you that by law, you're required to stop when a bus is stopped and has its signals on. If the bus stops on a highway with roadways that are separated by a median or barriers, you do not have to stop. A turn lane does not qualify as a median.

The fine for illegally passing a school bus will go up September 1 from $1,000 to $1,250 for first time offenders. You can have your licence suspended for up to six months on other offenses.

Because some children may be going to new schools, drivers are urged by DPS to slow down in school zones and keep an eye out for kids who may not look before they step into a street.

Plus, many cities like Bryan and College Station have signs up that disallow cell phone use while in school zones. If a sign is posted, you can face a citation if caught by authorities.