Police: Witness Catches Two Men Slashing Tires at Northgate

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COLLEGE STATION Police say a bystander caught two men slashing tires in the Northgate District early Sunday morning.

College Station Police arrested 21-year-old Kellar Duwayne Hendrick and 26-year-old Paul Ryan Springer around 3 o'clock Sunday morning. According to the arrest report, the two were seen slashing tires along First Street. A witness, who heard the sound of air being let out of a tire, called 9-1-1. Texas A&M Police got to the area first. Hendrick and Springer took off running when they saw the UPD patrol cars.

College Station police officers showed up just as the two were running away. Both were arrested. Springer allegedly told cops he ran from the UPD officers because he "talked some sh**" to an employee at Daisy Dukes". He thought they called the cops on him. Officers say they found a knife in his pocket.

Officers say there were three cars on First Street with slashed tires, and two more in the Coyote Parking Lot.

Hendrick and Springer were charged with Criminal Mischief and Evading Arrest.