Witness Pulls Man From Fiery Head-On Crash

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BURLESON COUNTY - State Troopers were called to a bad traffic accident Wednesday afternoon that seriously injured both drivers involved.

It happened on FM 50 four miles south of FM 60, north of Snook. Investigators say two cars slammed into each other head-on just before 2 p.m. when a driver went off the road and over-corrected.

One of the vehicles caught fire and troopers say a witness stopped to pull the driver out. Both drivers were seriously injured and taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan. Troopers say they aren't sure, just yet, what caused the crash.

"Today it's a clear day, the road's straight, there's no reason why we should be having this accident," said Trooper Jimmy Morgan of the Department of Public Safety. "Until we figure out what was actually going on we're not going to be able to answer that question until we find out from the driver what was going on at the time the accident occurred."

Traffic was narrowed to one lane while crews cleared the wreck.