Witness Saw Lone Star College Suspect With Knife

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We spoke with a Lone Star College student who says she was in class at the Health Science Center when she saw the suspect, Dylan Quick, try to stab a student.

"I saw him pass by really fast. All I saw was the hair and the kid running. When we got out of lockdown, we saw the girl that had gotten hurt and we asked her what happened and she goes 'well they told me that I got lucky. He had a knife and he tried to stab me but he barely missed,'” said Anna Marie Garcia, the student.

She says the student was not hurt. Quick was tackled by other students. Eventually police got a hold him.

The mass stabbing is something that Garcia says she never imagined would happen at her school.

"I'm going to be scared to go anywhere now because you never know who is around you and that's not something you should deal with, that anyone should be dealing with."

Quick was featured on a student spotlight blog which has been taken down. It said Quick had decided to pursue a career in accounting and would be transferring to the University of Houston if he received his associate degree from Lone Star College Cy-Fair.

Classes will resume tomorrow morning as the investigation continues.