Wives and Friends of Bryan Firefighters Make Red Ribbons for Memorial

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Thousands of red ribbons are being made for Wednesday's firefighter memorial service by wives and friends of Bryan firefighters as a show of solidarity.

These truly are the ties that bind family and friends together after a fire Friday night that took the lives of two Bryan firefighters.

Jennifer Wells, the wife of a Bryan firefigher says, "We're trying to get as many made before the memorial service as we can. We have friends and family group on Facebook and it was like, hey, going to be making them at my house, if you'd like to come over."

Jennifer opened her home to other firefighter wifes and friends to make these red ribbons.

In one way it's sort of therapeutic to talk about what happened as they gather around the kitchen table.

"I think it's just something small that people that don't know how to help, don't know what to do, can help us do."

So with a goal of making hundreds of these ribbons, they rely on family, friends, and faith to help them cope.

Lori Mervish, whose father is a retired firefighter who knew some of the victims, started making ribbons a day earlier. "As I sat and made the ribbons, I prayed for all of our friends. Because growing up, this was my biggest fear, that my dad wouldn't come home, and that he was always there protecting me and protecting the community. My dad's a hero, so these guys are heroes."

The red ribbons will be handed out at Wednesday's firefighter memorial at Central Baptist Church in College Station.