Victim in Deadly House Fire Identified

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A woman found dead after a house fire in College Station has been identified.

Investigators said Janet Davis died during a fire that ripped through her home on Eagle Avenue early Thursday morning.

Fire officials said this is the first fire fatality since August of 2010.

Two dogs also perished in the fire. Neighbors said Davis owned two Rottweilers.

Fire crews were on scene about three minutes after getting the first call. It took them about 30 minutes to knock out the flames.

Bart Humphries with the College Station Fire Department said the worst part of the fire was located on the second floor, where Davis's body was eventually found.

"There was some damage to the stairway," said Humphries. "They put ladders on the front of the building and went through that second floor window."

Stephanie Vidrine lives nearby, and was surprised to wake up to flashing lights and fire crews outside her home.

"Immediately, you just start to panic. Do we need to get out, do I need to get my stuff?," said Vidrine. "Nobody was evacuating us, so we knew the fire was under control."

Vidrine said the quick response by the fire department was comforting.

"Knowing all of them were here and they were on it so fast, immediately I was already calm," said Vidrine.

Vidrine said Davis kept to herself, but was always polite to her and her family.

"She liked to walk here dogs late at night, and we'd wave howdy," said Vidrine.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.