Woman Admits to Drinking Before Hitting Patrol Car with SUV

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BRYAN - A College Station woman is facing a DWI charge after she hit a Bryan Police patrol car with her SUV Saturday.

56-year-old Carmelina Guerrero Amador told officers that she drank wine before getting behind the wheel of black SUV. According to the arrest report, she said she was headed to her friend's house when she hit the back of a Bryan PD patrol car on a Highway 6 exit ramp south of Briarcrest.

That officer was helping to move a disabled truck from the exit ramp when he was hit. According to officials, he noticed the SUV coming up at a high rate of speed. He pushed the truck off the ramp and tried to cut his wheels to the left to avoid a collision, but it was too late. According to the arrest report, Amador hit the back right of his car with the front left of her SUV.

The arrest report says the officer talked to Amado and smelled alcohol on her breath. She seemed unsteady on her feet and was wearing broken sandals. The report also says the officer noticed she had blood shot eyes. Amador told the officer that the cop turned off all his lights moments before she hit him. According to the arrest report, the officer turned on his in car recorder and lights when he started pushing the disabled truck.

Armador told cops that the accident was her fault. She was arrested and charged with Driving While Intoxicated. She has since posted $2,000 bond and released from jail.