Woman Allegedly Fills Fraudulent Prescriptions Totaling 900 Pills

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COLLEGE STATION - A College Station woman is facing a serious charge after authorities found her filling prescriptions for a patient at a hospice care center where she was formerly employed.

On March 25, Cherri Dettori, the clinical director of Southern Care Hospice filed a fraud report with CSPD. After taking the job, she was auditing the patient prescription records. Dettori told cops she found that one patient had numerous prescriptions being filled at Walgreens. Dettori noted that they fill their prescriptions at the Bryan Medicine Chest.

Dettori, who is a registered nurse, said the amount of prescriptions filled was too high for one patient. Between January 1 and March 21, there were 15 prescriptions for Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen filled. At 60 pills each, that totaled 900 pills. Dettori told detectives that many pills for one patient in three months was a strong indicator of fraud.

Dettori contacted the patients doctor who said she didn't authorize the prescriptions. She also contacted the Walgreens locations where the prescriptions were filled. Veronica Ann Stephens was listed as the person who ordered and picked up the prescriptions.

Stephens is a former employee of Southern Hospice Care. She worked with the patient and her doctor before leaving in August 2013.

On March 27th, Stephens tried to get a prescription filled. The pharmacist told her it wasn't authorized. According to the report, Stephens sped away from the drive-thru window.

CSPD detectives gathered pharmacy records and interviewed employees and the patient's doctor. Pharmacy workers identified Stephens as the woman who picked up all the fraudulent prescriptions.

Stephens was arrested and is facing a Fradulent Possession of a Controlled Substance charge. She is in jail on no bond.