Woman Caught on Camera Stealing $4,000 in Designer Jewelry at CS Boutique

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COLLEGE STATION A woman is caught red-handed shop-lifting more than $4,000 worth of jewelry at a local clothing boutique in College Station. The video clearly shows the face of the woman, and now, police are urging the public to help identify her.

"When you walk in, we want you to feel at home,” said Olivia Martin, Tres Chic Store Manager.

It's a tiny boutique nestled on Harvey Road, but inside, there is always someone or something watching.

"And of course I'm like, 'come on in, let me know if you need anything,' and so once I turned my back I think she realized, 'okay, I can do this,; “ explained Martin.

Olivia Martin is the store manager and says just after 1 Monday, she greeted the woman you see in this video, and then got back to helping another customer.

"She walks in and doesn't even look at the stuff. She looks over at the display to see who is working,” explained Martin. “I was having a conversation with the other customer and she wouldn't look me straight in the eye and she told me she was looking for a backpack for her daughter.”

In the surveillance footage you can clearly see the woman had her eye on something else -- Brighton designer jewelry. She's caught on camera stealing an upwards of $4,000 of earrings and necklaces; and she doesn't stop there. You can see the suspect walking over to the watch display case, looking over her shoulder to see if Martin is watching, then slipping about half-a-dozen designer watches into her purse. After that she walks up to the cash register and strikes up a conversation with Martin. When she's finished, she goes back to the very same display and steals another two handfuls of jewelry.

“This is really the first time this has ever happened to me in ten years. Never have I witnessed, seen or caught anything like this,” added Martin.

Owners are hoping the incriminating and clear visuals of the woman's face will lead police to her arrest.

College Station Police are urging anyone who recognizes this suspect to call 979-764-3600.