Woman Killed After Falling Off Motorcycle in Conroe

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A Willis woman is dead after she fell off the back of a motorcycle and was run over by another vehicle, causing a traffic shutdown on I-45 Friday night in Conroe.

According to the Conroe Police Department, 49 year old Lois Horton was found dead at the scene near the 3000 block of North IH 45.

Investigators say the driver of the the 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle, 65 year old Michael Lyles, failed to maintain his lane and collided and skidded along a concrete median barrier for over 100 feet, causing Horton to fall. Police say Lyles did not stop to render aid.

Seconds later, a three-wheel 'Trike' style vehicle traveling a short distance behind did not see Horton on the unlit freeway and ran over her. The driver of that 2006 Goldwing motorcycle reportedly fought to keep it from rolling over.

The driver of the Goldwing was able to stop the bike a short distance down the road but with extensive damage to the frame and under-carriage.

One Conroe officer was able to locate Lyles at a home in Willis. He was taken into custody for a Felony charge of Failure to Stop and Render Aid. A mandatory blood draw was also done of which the results could take weeks.

Lyles has been booked into the Montgomery County Jail.

As officers worker the crash several other were tasked with closing the freeway off and forcing vehicles to exit at FM 3083.

Close to 10 p.m. a pickup truck drove around the road block sending officers in the roadway at the crash scene to seek cover. That driver was cited.

Then, approximately thirty minutes before the freeway was reopened six vehicles, including two 18-wheelers drove around the roadblock.

All of those vehicle were stopped just as they approached the crash area.

The freeway re-opened just after one Saturday morning.