Woman Screams at Cops, Lies Down in Street

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BRYAN A Bryan woman is in jail after she screamed "let's get this town together" while lying in the middle of a Bryan street just after Midnight Friday.

Andrea Dee Moore, 33, was stopped by Bryan police after she walked off the sidewalk and in front of a patrol car in the 1500 block of San Jacinto. According to the arrest report, she waved for the patrol car to "come on" then starting screaming "move on, move on." Moore then laid down in the middle of the road. The officer noticed that Moore had white foam at the corners of her mouth. While lying on the ground, she screamed "let's get this town together" and appeared very disoriented. The officer had Moore sit on the ground with the dog she was with.

Then, according to the arrest report, Moore started to empty her pockets. Officers said she pulled out a pair of white headphones and a small brown glass bottle with a black cap. The officer believed the glass container held PCP. He field-tested the liquid in the container and it was positive for PCP.

Many times the officer had to remind Moore where she was, who he was, what she was doing when he found her and the disposition of her dog. Moore was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital to be check out. She was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Public Intoxication, then taken to the Brazos County Jail where she is being held under no bond.