Python Encounter Still Giving CS Woman Nightmares

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Days after a College Station woman found a 12-foot-long Python inside her home, she says the nightmares about that night haven't gone away.

Veronica Rodriguez said she was home alone, talking on the phone with her mother, when she heard noises coming from somewhere inside her home. She thought it might have been someone trying to break in through the back door in her room.

"I peeked into my bedroom to see if anyone was there, but nobody was there," said Rodriguez. "And that's when it clicked that it was the shampoo and conditioner bottles knocking down off the tub."

Rodriguez said she turned on the light in the bathroom, only to come face to face with the Python who was trying to crawl inside her tub.

"I just froze there. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't cry," said Rodriguez.

She slammed the bathroom door and ran outside to call police.

"I just kept repeating myself, there was a huge snake," said Rodriguez.

An officer showed up with a brown paper bag in his hands.

"And I said no, that bag is not big enough," said Rodriguez.

Another officer was called, and eventually an animal control officer responded to the scene. In the end, officers transported the snake to a large, outdoor garbage can and took it to a reptile rescue facility.

Rodriguez said the encounter with the snake terrified her. She's since purchased night lights for every room in the house so she doesn't have to walk into dark rooms, she has trouble going into her own back yard without someone else there, and she still won't go close to the garbage can the snake was in.

"I know it's not there. I keep telling that to myself. But I just still have that fear," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said around 6 that night, she was putting her Guinea Pigs in their outdoor pen when the snake slid through the open back door. She didn't find the snake until around 9. She thinks the snake may have been hiding under her bed until then.

Police said the snake came from a nearby apartment complex. It was eventually reunited with its owner, who was not fined or ticketed for the incident, police said.

Rodriguez said she's thankful the snake didn't crawl into a home with a sleeping baby or small animal. She said even though it may take her a long time to get over the frightening ordeal, she has no plans to pursue any type of legal suit.