Woodbolt Will Relocate To The Bio-Corridor In Bryan

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It's official Woodbolt International will be moving to a new home in the Bio-Corridor of Bryan .

CEO and Owner Doss Cunningham says the company is looking forward after the Bryan City Council approved their new land purchase earlier this week.

"It's great, it's exciting you know we we will celebrate our 10th anniversary, we've really built this company from the ground up it's a very young company we have rapid expansive growth."

Woodbolt develops, markets and distributes Cellucor, a sports nutrition brand along with supplements, protein, vitamin, herb, and general wellness products.

They have sales of $100-million dollars and distribute millions of products annually.

The company needs more space as it continues grow.

Come January 2013 Woodbolt will begin construction on the new facility which is expected to be complete in a year.

Management wants the new office facility to inspire creativity.

"Were committed to trying to build a type of facility that makes coming to work fun. We want it to be a Facebook meets Google meets Nike type of thing so it's going to have a sports edge, but it's also going to be playful."

It will be near the A&M Traditions area across from the Aggie Golf Learning Center.

The new facility will be about 90,000 square feet and include a warehouse, gym, office, and cafe for employees. It will also integrate landscaping into the greenbelt area.

This will be a complete move for Woodbolt with new business opportunities in the middle of the science research center.