Would You Get a Ticket for this?

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Don't say we didn't warn you.
Officers with the Bryan Police Department's traffic safety unit are keeping a close eye on drivers, their vehicles and how much exhaust they're emitting into the air.

You could end up with a ticket, whether the excessive emissions are deliberate...or accidental.

You can hear it...see it...sometimes...even taste it.

"Usually I'll try to hold my breath until I can get through the cloud of smoke," said one Bryan patrol officer.

Excessive emissions are against the law, a safety concern and can be nuisance, like when a truck's modified muffler interrupts our interview with Bryan PD officer, Terrence Nunn.

Nunn said, "The exhaust noise is very...loud...like the one right here. Chances are they've taken some part of the muffler system off of it, they think it increases their performance on their vehicles."

He's got a system for determining who gets pulled over.

"Count by one thousands, one thousand one, one thousand two, all the way to one thousand and ten...if I can still see that cloud of smoke, that is a violation," said Nunn.

Some drivers say this is a waste of an officer's time, but it's a two way street.

Nunn added, "I've had several occassions where a vehicle took off and there was just a loud cloud of smoke and as I'm going by, the vehicle next to it, they're like what are you going to do about that?"

"It's loud, it's got a straight pipe, it's got a chip, it black smokes," said Texas A&M student, Cody Shepherd.

Shepherd's Dodge Ram is far from stock--from the LED tail lights, to the tires, down to the four inch aluminum tail pipe.

"There's no muffler, no converter, no...it really won't pass inspection," admitted Shepherd.

Officer Nunn said, "It's like a badge of honor for them...look at me."

Police are looking at you and you can get fined while driving in Bryan or College Station because it's a state law they're enforcing.

Fines for excessive exhaust could cost you up to $200.