YouTube Video Captures Constable Bachmann's Funeral Procession From Police's Perspective

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New videos on YouTube capture the images of Constable Brian Bachmann's funeral procession from law enforcement's perspective.

Officer David Lund with the Bryan Police Department submitted a video online as seen from his perspective as part of the Bryan Traffic Safety Unit during Saturday's funeral procession.

Constable Brian Bachmann was shot and killed last Monday while serving an eviction notice in College Station.

Over the weekend thousands of people lined the streets between Reed Arena and the funeral home on South Texas Avenue to pay tribute to Constable Bachmann.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers participated in the motorcade from across the Brazos Valley, state and other corners of the country too.

If you'd like to see the rest of the video that also includes the escort for victim Christopher Northcliffe, see the attached link below or go to: