Young Girls Found, Men Arrested After Nightclub Raids in Houston

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HOUSTON Undercover officers had a busy night Thursday raiding two nightclubs in southeast Houston and rescuing many young girls, who may have been part of a human trafficking ring.

Agents from multiple agencies, including the FBI, DPS and Homeland Security took part in a massive raid on two clubs on Telephone Road near Edna Street.

Authorities did not give any details at the scene, but plenty of residents emerged from their homes to watch the scene unfold.

Witnesses said they saw several scantily-clad young women, dressed in mini-skirts and other revealing clothing, loaded into police buses, and men in handcuffs and ankle chains being loaded into vans. They said many of the girls appeared to be in their pre-teen years.
“One of the neighbors told me that she seen them take out anywhere from 10 to 12 young girls, probably from the age 12 and up, so I don’t know what’s going on here,” a witness said. “I’ve never seen any women, but she said she saw them and they put them in a wagon and took them off.”

Those who live nearby hope police are shutting them down for good.
“There’s always shootings,” said Jovahana Guevara. “I’ve had to call the cops a couple of times”

Authorities were expected to release a formal statement Friday morning.