'Youtube Diet' Helps Woman Shed Nearly 70 Pounds

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"My journey has been amazing," Laurel Wright says during a Skype interview. "I have lost about 68 pounds."

Wright says she is finally set free from battling a life-long war with her weight. "Even eight-to-ten years ago, I still had this problem on my mind, it is something I'm always concerned with, something that everyone is concerned with."

And she turned to technology to fill the world in on her secrets.

"I don't want it to be a secret any longer and that's what I do in my videos, I want to share some of the secrets on my videos and you cans see the things that I eat, you can see how I do it."

Wright is among the growing trend of individuals turning to the web to chronicle their body transformations.

"It's a fun way for me to communicate with other people about what I'm doing because I honestly feel that this plan could set America free," Wright says. "I think it could change the way America eats."

After trying every diet fad in the book, Wright says she grew tired of talking about losing weight, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. "I found SlimmingWorld and I was actually angry because it's been around for more than 40 years in Great Britain. And now that it has changed the way I think and feel about food, I want to shout my secrets to the entire world."

As a 'weight management' organization Wright says the program helps her stay accountable for maintaining healthier eating habits. And after joining the program, Wright took her new lifestyle to a whole new level...Youtube.

Having the world watch her progress, she says, has made her mission more adventurous. "You know, we're always hauling something home from the grocery store, I wanted to show everyone what I'm hauling home and how it's making me smaller."

Ten months into it, a dozen Youtube videos and nearly 70 pounds later, her quest to make a change has spiraled into a Internet sensation.

"I have people who watch my Youtube channel from all over the world and we can share with one another and encourage one another."

One woman from Barbados writes on Laurel's Youtube Page: "Hey Laurel you are truly an inspiration. Keep doing your hauls and posting videos. it really helps. by the way have you tried working out to hip hop abs. i think its great."

On any given day, Wright records her trip to the grocery store, buying every-day food, she then takes it home and formulates easy-to-make recipes from her kitchen. She then Blogs and Vlogs(video-blog) about it.

"I meet people every day who struggle with this and it is my passion to help them feel better about themselves, help them find a way."

An easy way into one woman's weight-loss journey that for many, is turning into a virtual reality.

"Although I still have 40 more pounds to go, It feels good to be able to wake up in the morning and get dressed and feel comfortable and confident."

Laurel Wright is encouraging any of you who are struggling to lose weight and keep it off to contact her or follow her blog. You can find the links below.