Zombie Costume Gets Kingwood Kid in Trouble

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KINGWOOD, Texas – Fifth-grader Edgar Erazo was more excited than usual about going to school Wednesday because he was dressed as a zombie for Halloween.

His mom had called Elm Grove Elementary in Kingwood to make sure it was OK if he wore the costume.

But when Edgar showed up for class covered in fake blood and ghoulish sores, he was told to go home and change.

"I was, like, why should I wash it off?" Edgar said. "It took a really long time for my mom to make."

It is still unclear who his mother, Cecilia Erazo, spoke to on the phone. But a district spokesperson told 11 News that costumes are against the rules at the school for everyone except kindergartners.

"Nothing was misunderstood," Erazo said. "I sent him the way I was told I could send him."

She said she does not really care either way. She just wishes her son could have been spared the embarrassment.

Some parents say they support the school’s policy and agree costumes can be distracting in class.

"Bloody things should probably just be left ‘til night," parent Richard White said.

Cecilia Erazo said she decided not to send Edgar back to School Wednesday so he could stay dressed as a zombie all day.