Are You Hiring?

By: Rachel McCormick
By: Rachel McCormick

The school year is finally beginning. Everyone is looking forward to football season, classes, new roommates, and having a good time. However, in the back of everyone’s mind they’re thinking about the cash in their wallets or bank accounts, and they can see it slowly depreciating. Money for school, rent, and groceries can add up. The best advice I can give to a person struggling to make ends meet is to get a job.

Getting a job has so many positive outcomes that I don’t understand why some of my friends refuse to have one. First, extra cash flowing in is awesome. Whether going towards paying rent, tuition, or fixing the hole in your wall from the last party you threw, extra cash always comes in handy. Second, having a job looks good on a resume. It shows that you have work ethic and can handle responsibilities. Lastly, having a job is a great way to meet people. You can make new friends and even some networking connections while working.

If you are in the market for finding a job, you’re in luck. Turnover rate for jobs in College Station/Bryan is awesome because people are always graduating and leaving town. To get a better idea of where you might want to work, I have listed what I believe are the top 5 jobs for any student or young adult in the Brazos Valley.

1. Waiter
I may be slightly bias on this because I am a server myself, but really it’s a great job. The best thing about serving is the money. It can fluctuate from where you work, what day it is, and whether you work the lunch or night shift, but for the most part you make above minimum wage. Some cons about serving though are that it can be very stressful when you’re busy. It requires the ultimate customer service because the client determines your tip, the hours go late, and if you like food it can be hard to manage your weight.

2. Retail
I worked at a clothing store in high school, and personally will never do it again. However, working in retail can be very beneficial. All I have to say is choose something you’re interested in. If you are a fashionista, work at a clothing store, likewise if you like sports, work at a place like Academy. The discounts are the best things about retail, and also the fact that hours are usually flexible and don’t go too late in the evening. However, when working in retail be ready to do jobs repeatedly. No matter how many clothes I folded there was also more to do.

3. Referee
If you are a huge athlete or sports fan getting a job as a referee is perfect. Being a ref is good for anybody who can’t work long shifts because athletic games last about 2-4 hours. Also, refereeing usually pays $8-$15 an hour. The city is always looking for refs for little league teams and even intramural sports at the rec. If you love a sport, it is a great way to get some cash and have a lot of fun.

4. On Campus Jobs
If you are an A&M student getting a job on campus can be a good idea. Not only is it convenient, but it also provides a way to get in with staff members of the university. I had a friend who worked in the Liberal Arts Department on campus and is friends with the Dean, assistant dean, and even President Loftin. It’s a great way to network. In addition, since you would be working with A&M faculty, they are pretty lenient on hours when it comes to midterms and finals week, and you can usually study while on the job. One bad thing I’ve noticed is that most on campus jobs are minimum wage; so if you’re looking to bank it might not be your best option.

5. MISC.
So I added a miscellaneous category because there are so many jobs out there that people don’t think about. If you’re a college student, explore your options. Find something that goes along with your major. I have a sister who is a nutrition major and is working as a dietetic aid for a nursing home. I have a friend who is very artistic, who sells her paintings online. I also know someone looking to get into vet school, who is an assistant to a veterinarian in town. The sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to call a business and ask if a position is available. You would be surprised how many people are willing to give you a chance if you ask them.

The semester is beginning, which means it is the perfect time to start job searching. Get a job now to help you out later, and if you say that no one is hiring, I won’t believe you. You just need to look harder. Good Luck!

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