Players Gonna Play, but Seriously.

By: Date with 8
By: Date with 8

Let me paint you a picture. He’s good looking, knows just what to say so you’re knees go all weak, pulls out the moves right on schedule, and has a touch of bad boy. He seems pretty perfect huh? Wrong. I don’t know about y’all, but sadly I must admit I’ve fallen for one of these types of guys before. For those of you that haven’t you can either make the mistake for yourself (unwise) or take it from me and every other girl who’s made this mistake in the past. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Now don’t judge too harshly when I use this example, but Carrie Underwood hit the nail on the head in the song Cowboy Casanova. Uh, yeah he’s a devil in disguise, you’ll get addicted, and you should run. Okay, well maybe that’s a little dramatic, but Carrie said it not me.

Cowboy Casanova Lyrics

The Harsh Truth

If he knows everything to say and do, it’s because he’s had a lot of practice. He’s cracked the code and figured out how us girls operate. You can make excuses for your bad boy all day long, but I’m still going to have the same response; He’s a player. Here's a real world example for you, one of my girl friends recently discovered her “too good to be true” man. It was really bad, seriously, she’s still not over it. I warned her he was never, ever going to be her happily ever after, but of course she made those classic excuses, “I know, I’m just having fun.” Having fun my butt, she eventually got way in over her head, which lead him to expose the obvious truth, he’s just not the dating type. Needless to say, she felt really stupid. Sound like a story you've heard? This is because it happens all the time and I am here to save you.

This leads me to my next point, if you've just decided your boy toy might fall under the Cowboy Casanova category, don't even think about trying to make it work. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to be able to tame the player’s urges to get his flirt on, so move on, or like the song says, "run." Although my friend never revealed her goal was to attempt to be this boy's one and only, I have strong evidence that suggests this was the case. For example, when she decided they were "dating," sadly he was openly "dating" a few other girls too. I'll wrap this up with the wise words of 3LW, “players are gonna play and that’s the way it is.”

My Advice:

Keep things in perspective, when you fall in love it’s most likely not going to be a fairy tale romance. It’s going to get a little awkward at times, but I've had plenty of very unfortunate first kisses that have turned out to be great things! So if you have chemistry, stick with it. Don’t give up on something, because he accidently farted in front of you. (It’s happened to me, just saying.) On that note, good luck in dating jungle girls, I hope I haven't crushed your dreams!

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