By: Becca Green Email
By: Becca Green Email

The warm weather is beginning to creep up on us. And we all know what that means… swimsuit season! For some of those natural beach bunnies this is a sigh of relief as their favorite time of the year to lay out by the pool or frolic in the sand is finally arriving. But for most of us this is a frightening reminder that our bodies need to be in bikini-ready shape and get there fast! No more time for holiday indulgence! It’s time to put down those cookies and pick an apple in one hand and a weight in the other! One of the simplest ways to ease into a healthier diet is by snacking on healthy things, such as fruit. Snacking throughout the day in-between meals is really effective at speeding up your metabolism, which in turn helps your body burn calories faster and shed those extra winter pounds. Fruit’s make excellent snacks because not only are they healthy but normally small and easily portable to eat on-the-go as well. However some fruits require tricky preparation or obstacles that can make them a hassle. So I have found a few tricks to make your snacking much more fruitful!

Trick #1- Hulling Strawberries:

Strawberries are a hugely popular fruit, and for good reason! Not only are they naturally sweet but they also have many healthy qualities to. Strawberries contain no fat, hold plenty of vitamin C, are full of fiber, and can even help to lower cholesterol among many other things. But one set-back they have is they have to be hulled, which can get irritating when you don’t really have a consistent working system on how to do this. However I have found a ridiculously simple way to get those strawberries hulled quickly and on their way to your belly! Here’s how:

Use a straw!

Supplies- a straw (a thicker one about 1 centimeter in diameter), strawberries

Instructions- All you have to do is simply take your straw and push it up through the middle of the strawberry starting from the bottom and ending out through to the top. The straw should have the leafy part sitting on top of it when done properly. Repeat this process for as many strawberries as you like, and they are ready to eat!

Trick #2- Getting the Skin Off of a Kiwi:

Kiwis do not always give a good first impression. At first glance their rough and dark outer skin doesn’t make them look very appetizing. But once you take a look at what’s under all of that a delicious discovery can definitely be made! This juicy fruit contains plenty of healthy benefits such as vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and phosphorus. So it certainly won’t hurt to grab one of these on your way out the door for a midday snack. However, because kiwis tend to be on the smaller side, it can become difficult trying to cut the skin off without getting rid of half of your snack along with it. No need to fret, because there is a way to savor every last bit of the yummy center. Now the kiwi’s skin is in fact edible and healthy, so for those of you who like to eat their kiwi’s whole go-ahead and ignore this trick. For the rest of us, just follow these easy steps and spoon that skin off!

Supplies- a knife, a spoon, a kiwi

Instructions- Using the knife cut off about half of an inch on both ends of the kiwi. Once this is done the kiwi should resemble a cylinder.

Then take the spoon and insert right in between the skin and the start of green center part of the kiwi. Work the spoon around the circle of the kiwi, pushing up against the skin separating it from the center. Make sure as your rotating you also move the spoon up and down the whole cylinder so you can make sure and separate all of the skin from the center.

Finally you should be able to give the center part a nudge and it should slide right out from the skin, becoming a completely separate piece. Now you can discard the skin and enjoy every last bit of the delicious kiwi center.

Trick #3- Taking a Cut-Up Apple To-Go:

Apples are one of the most popular snacks eaten because they are so easy to grab and take with you on your way out the door. They are also extremely healthy being low in calories, containing lots of vitamin C, and proven to truly keep the doctor away by helping to lower cholesterol, preventing heart disease, brain disease, cancer and more! Many prefer to eat their apples sliced up instead of biting right into one, which can pose a few difficulties for that on-the-go lifestyle most of us lead. Firstly, you cannot just grab an apple and go, if it is in many pieces. Secondly, if you wanted to save your sliced apple for later in the day or pack it in your child’s lunchbox it will likely begin to brown, harden and loose its delicious juices by the time it’s time to eat it. No worries! I have discovered a solution that allows those sliced apple lovers the same convenience and more importantly tastiness as the ones who just bite right in.

Supplies- a knife or an apple cutter (which is easiest), two rubber bands, an apple

Instructions- If using an apple cutter then simply cut your apple. But if not, cut your apple twice in one direction, then turn the apple and cut two parallel lines to the first ones, creating nine total pieces.

Then holding all the pieces together the way the apple looked originally before cutting it, wrap one rubber band diagonally around the apple. Take the second rubber band and wrap it diagonally the other way around the apple creating an X at the top and bottom.

Now you have a fully intact, ready to go, yet still sliced apple! You can grab it and go or pack it in a lunch and it will still be just as easy and yummy as it began!

Every one of these easy procedures took under five minutes to complete, and do not require a wiz in the kitchen because believe me I am far from one! Hopefully these tricks get you that jump start into healthy spring eating the way they helped me.

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