Girls, Are You a Creeper?

By: Date with 8
By: Date with 8

I have some girl friends who constantly wonder why they can’t get a date. Everyone is different, but the most common reason is they come off as the dreaded creeper.

Being a creeper comes in many forms and fashions. For example, the most common creeper is the “much too forward girl,” then there’s the “too readily available type,” and finally the “marriage manic.”

I know magazines are telling us to be empowered and independent women (which I normally totally agree with) except when it comes to one thing, dating. You see, guys have this annoying ego thing. If we take charge and ask them out on a date, text them first, call them first, approach them, etc. we are taking away their manly role, then they feel inferior and get all upset that we took their place in the relationship. If you do any of these things you will be immediately labeled as “too forward.” Now I’m no scientist I just know, there’s something in their little peanut brains that make them have to be in charge.. and by in charge I mean just make them think they are in charge, but we will talk about that some other time.

You can come off as a creeper is if you’re always available. This includes everything from text or call them over and over again to always being there when they need a date, a hook-up, or whatever. I refer to these kinds of people as “too readily available.” It’s okay to wait a little while to text or call them back! One of my friends has a rule; match the time they wait to text you back. For example if they wait 5 minutes, 5 minutes it is. Not saying you have to be exact, it’s just a simple guideline to follow. Now do not be a “double texter,” aka person who isn’t patient enough to wait for a response and texts again. (This term can easily be modified to fit your situation) If they’re not answering, they’re busy or they just don’t want to talk to you in general. Like I always say and will say again, if a guy wants to talk to you he will! Don’t be too available or aggressive!

Finally, Never ever ever bring up the future. This includes, but isn’t limited to; what you want your wedding dress to look like, how many kids you want, how cute your children will look together or, when you want an engagement ring.

Ladies, all I’m saying is there is no need to be desperate for a man, hence turning you into a creeper. Your prince charming will come along sooner or later. Honestly, we have it pretty easy. We just need to be out and about, looking good. The guys have to do the hard stuff like asking out and getting rejected. We get to do the rejecting.. hehe.

So, remember the old saying patience is a virtue!

If you want your dating advice questions answered leave a comment and I will do my best to give my advice!

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