By: Becca Green Email
By: Becca Green Email

Even though a month has passed since the New Year has started, many people are still scrambling to get back in the swing of things and get organized, myself included. Perhaps once the first of the month hit normal responsibilities and activities picked back up so fast you simply didn’t have the time. Or maybe you were enjoying the holidays so much that relaxation mode is just now getting switched off. Either way here are three quick, easy and cheap ways to start getting organized.

Tip #1: How to Organize All of Those Gift Cards

Most living or family rooms the morning after Christmas look like a tornado has hit them. That’s because everyone has lots of new presents scattered about, not yet put in their places or put to use. During the de-cluttering process one of the easiest presents to lose, yet still one of the most popular are gift cards. Gift cards are one of the most commonly given gifts because the recipient is guaranteed to like them. This makes it easier on the giver because they don’t have to fuss about the recipients particular tastes and the recipient can pick out exactly what they want. Makes everyone happy! Therefore it is not a shock when many of us end up with a stack of gift cards after the holidays, and not enough wallet space to keep them. So where do we put them so that we don’t lose all of that essentially free money?

On a ring!

Materials- a single hole punch (make sure it’s a pretty heavy duty one because the plastic of a gift card is pretty stiff), a binder ring, your gift cards

Instructions- Punch a hole into a corner of all of your gift cards, then simply slide them onto the ring and you’re done!

This whole process takes about five minutes and only a few dollars if you have to purchase the supplies. You can customize the order in which the gift cards are on the ring yourself. Whether they are alphabetized or categorized by subject or relevance that is all up to you! Now you have all of your cards in one place, and easily accessible either thrown in your purse or added to a keychain. It’s all about what works best for you.

Tip #2: How to Organize Your Scarves

Everyone has either a small or large collection of favorite scarves. If not, go get some! They are fun, stylish and can keep you warm but don’t always have to. I know we live in Texas where 97% of the time it’s hot outside, but light summer scarves are always a good accessory to have year round. Indeed scarves are a great staple to a wardrobe, whether summer or winter, but where do you put them? Folded up and taking more drawer space? I know I personally don’t have any left! So then what?

A DIY Scarf Hanger!

Materials- one pant hanger (or more if you have a larger scarf collection), shower rings, your scarves

Instructions- Attach about 6-10 shower rings onto the hanger. This number depends on if you’re organizing thicker winter scarves or thinner summer scarves, and how many you can fit comfortably onto one hanger. Then slip each scarf into its own ring and you’re finished!

Repeat this process if you need to assemble another hanger for more scarves.

This simple scarf solution can be done in less than five minutes and costs only $1.24! (Target shower rings) Organizing your scarves this way nicely displays them all yet still condenses the amount of space they take up in your closet.

Tip #3: How to Organize Your Weekly Schedule

Organizing the tasks, appointments and responsibilities we need to complete each day is one of the most difficult things to do. Whether you are a college student, working professional or stay-at-home parent there always seems to be endless things to get done and never enough time to do them. When one has dozens of tasks on their daily to-do list, it becomes easy to forget or leave something out here and there. Keeping a planner might work well for some people, but I have never been able to make them efficient for me. So I’ve found a way to display my weekly responsibilities in what I think is a much easier and effective way.

My Customized Weekly Calendar

Materials (all of mine were purchased at Hobby Lobby)- a collage picture frame (eight 4x6 display windows), scrapbook paper, sticker letters or markers (if you don’t want to purchase the letters), one dry erase marker

Instructions- Use one of the display pictures in the frame to trace onto the scrapbook paper, and then cut out the piece of scrapbook paper you traced.

Repeat this eight times until you have all eight scrapbook pieces ready to insert into the frame.

Then either apply the sticker letters spelling out the days of the week to the scrapbook paper, or simply write each day on each piece of paper with your marker. Since there are eight display windows in this collage frame and only seven days of the week, you have one extra window. I titled mine “To Do” to add tasks that needed to be completed in the week but not on a specific day. You can do this to or use it for other things, such as titling it “Groceries” and using it for your grocery list, or starting the “Monday” display window on the second opening and making the first window a title page (ex: Becca’s Weekly Calendar).

Finally insert the scrapbook page pieces into the collage and hang your new calendar somewhere you can view it every day. Now you can write all of your tasks for each week directly onto the glass using the dry erase marker. When the week is over simply wipe the glass off and write the new tasks for the next week!

You can have your own weekly calendar in about a half an hour for around $30. (Make sure to buy the collage frame when it’s on sale!) Although this project takes a bit longer than the others, it is certainly well worth it. Having all of your tasks and responsibilities openly displayed in a place you have to pass by everyday makes a world of difference. The best part about this project is you can customize every aspect to your own unique personality and tastes. From the color of the frame to the scrapbook paper and letters, your calendar will never look identical to another.

See, being organized can actually be fun! It’s only a chore if you think of it as one. Hopefully these tips will help you get a fresh, easy and most importantly organized start to a wonderful year.

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