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Chalkboard Coffee Jars

Hi everyone! I’m back from my holiday break and returning to my DIY blog. This week, I decided to try out chalkboard paint. I’ve seen it all over the Internet and I have been dying to try it out. I’m also a coffee addict, so I figured I’d make this project in some way relate to both those things.

For this project I purchased two jars from Walmart at around $2.50 each and a bottle of chalkboard spray paint from Hobby Lobby, which was on sale for $6.00.

I originally planned on having two jars, with a chalkboard spray paint area to write “creamer” on one and “sugar” on the other and put them next to my coffee maker. Right now I have a box of sugar packets and a store-bought container of creamer, so the jars would look nicer. This project turned out to be a lesson in trial and error, though. I found out too late that I didn’t have tape in my apartment. So I tried simply to hold the paper cutout over the jar and spray paint, and the paint dripped through the paper and got all over the jar and looked awful. So I ruined one of my jars. But I then used the other three sides of the jar to try out different methods of making the paint work.

On my third try, I used cardboard (instead of regular paper) and held it down while my friend spray-painted over it in one quick motion. It worked really well so I used it for my remaining jar. The circle ended up being a little off center but it doesn’t look bad.

I used the good jar for creamer instead of sugar, and in the process found out that I was almost out of creamer so the clear jars have already proven to be useful. If I were to do this project again, I would use packing tape, cute the design directly out of it and stick it to the jar so the paint wasn’t able to leak through.

I still have almost an entire jar of chalkboard paint left, so expect several more chalkboard DIY projects in the future!

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