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DIY Chalkboard Wine Bottle

I have quite a few empty wine bottles in my apartment, because I’m determined to find a way to decorate with them. Today’s column is my first wine bottle décor experiment: chalkboard painted bottles.

For this project, I needed a wine bottle and chalkboard spray paint. I used the tiny bottle I had leftover from making spaghetti sauce for lasagna because I didn’t want to waste one of my big bottles on this project if it failed. To begin, I cleaned out the bottle and tried to take the label off. I gave up on taking the label off because I had just gotten a manicure and didn’t want to chip my nails (I know, terrible reason) and, predictably, that turned out to be a mistake.

Once the bottle was clean and I had given up on the label, I just spray painted the entire thing with two coats of chalkboard paint and let it dry for a few hours. It’s definitely possible to tell where the label is and it would look better if I had taken it off, but it doesn’t look bad at all, especially if you’re not holding it up to your face looking for the label.

To decorate with this bottle, I placed one single flower in it.

Since it’s chalkboard paint, I can also write on it to go along with whatever is happening at my apartment, like the party this weekend celebrating my Aggie Ring.

But I actually like the way the matte black looks without anything written on it, too.

This is a great way to recycle old wine bottles into new decorations that look great with any decorations. You could also customize it by using colored chalkboard paint, or regular spray paint.

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