March 26, 2015

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Creative Headboards

If you are looking to add a design element to your bedroom, try getting creative with your headboard. This will become a unique focal point of your room, yet it will not take up any of your precious space. If you already have a wooden headboard, consider painting it a bright color, or tape off stripes or zig-zag patterns, and use a few contrasting colors. Iron headboards can also be primed and spray painted. If you do not already have a headboard or are looking for something completely different, you can create one easily with unlikely materials.

Find or buy old shutters, and attach them to the wall behind your bed. Make sure to use sturdy hardware if the shutters feel heavy. This can give a warm, antique-style feel to your bedroom. Also, try arranging pieces of wood vertically and painting a design or word over them. It is an easy way to make your wall look artsy!

A hanging fabric headboard is a very fast and transformational way to add an accent to your bedroom. Use nails or fabric-covered upholstery tacks to hang lace or another sheer fabric in place of a headboard. Hanging the fabric at the top of the wall will make your ceiling look elongated. The temporary nature of this headboard makes switching fabric designs easy!

Another great option is using a chalkboard as a headboard. Attach a framed chalkboard above your bed, or use chalkboard paint on the wall. This is a fun and easy solution because the chalkboard can be used to draw or write notes on!

Short on closet space, or just want to show off your love for clothes? Create a spot to hang your favorite clothes at the head of your bed, and add shelving for extra storage. This is the perfect way to create more space in a closet, while displaying your style!

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