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Customize Your Stationery

I’m always looking for ways to be a bit more creative when it comes to ordinary things or tasks, without complicating things too much. Recently I happened to stumble across a new quick and easy creative trick, in the form of letter writing!

Instead of buying fancy, expensive stationery next time you want to leave a note or write a letter to someone special, create your own customized background to whatever paper you choose!

It’s called a “washed out” picture.

Simply copy and paste any picture of your choice onto a blank Microsoft Word document. Once it’s pasted over right-click your picture, scroll to the Wrap-Text option, and then click on Behind Text. This will allow you to resize and move the picture around freely throughout the page.

Now with the particular picture I am using for this example I changed my orientation to Landscape, so the picture would better fit the page. If you want to change your orientation all you need to do it click on the Page Layout tab, and right under it click on the button labeled Orientation. A drop-down option for Portrait or Landscape should pop up and you can choose whichever one you’d like.

You can stretch and resize your picture to make it as large or small as you wish (although I prefer to cover the entire page with the picture).

Then once you have your picture at the desired size, click on the picture and up where all of the tabs are a Picture Tools Format tab should appear on the very right, next to the View tab. Click on the Format tab, and then under it but more towards the left is a Colors button-click on that. A large drop down of different variations of you picture should appear. Under the Recolor section in that drop down, select the fourth picture from the left on the first row titled Washout.

There you have it! Now all you have to do is print it out on any sort of paper you wish (regular, notebook, etc.) and you have a cheap, customized, quick and effortless stationary that is sure to touch the recipient’s heart. Write away!

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