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Cute Letters to Craft

Last week, my sorority had a craft night where all the girls got together and made Alpha Zeta Chi related crafts. My roommate made super cute letters for her bedroom.

To make her letters, she purchased three wooden letters at Hobby Lobby (about $2 each), 3 colors of paint (less than $1 each), and some glitter. To begin, she taped off the letters in a striped pattern and painted one color on two of the letters and a different color on the third letter. Then she let those dry completely. Once they were dry, she peeled the tape off and taped off the other stripes, painted them, and let them dry completely. Once the letters were completely dry, she used hot glue in between stripes on one of the letters and dumped glitter on it. Then she shook off all the excess glitter, let the letters dry completely, and that was it! It was easy and fun.

While my roommate used her sorority letters, you could use any letters. Initials, name, “love”, “faith”, or anything would brighten up a dull room quickly.

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