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DIY Colorful Letters

Since I love to craft and decorate so much, my bedroom is very colorful and organized. My roommate, on the other hand, hadn’t put much time or effort into decorating her room, so it was very white and boring. This weekend, she asked me to help her to giver her room a little color and personality.

My first step to put color in her room was to get curtains. Her bedspread was pink, black, and white, so she picked out some black and white curtains. It might seem counterproductive to put black curtains in a room you’re trying to give color to, but it really popped against the white walls and made the room look more put together.

Our second step was more fun because it was a DIY decoration. She had some plain white letters in her room that spelled her name, but they were lost on the white walls and didn’t add anything to the room. We decided to paint them to make them stand out. She picked out some black, white and pink paint to match her existing theme, and also bought some pink glitter. The three colors of paint only cost $0.69 each and the glitter came in a pack of five different glitters for $1.50. That was the only purchases necessary for this project. We painted the letters all black and let them dry, then added white and pink details. Before the pink paint dried, we added some glitter. The paint acted as glue for the glitter.

After about an hour the letters were completely dry, so we hung them back on the wall. They were so much more noticeable than they had been before, and it gave her room an extra pop of color that had been missing before.

It doesn’t take a huge project or a huge amount of money to add something to a boring room. Sometimes a small item can make a big difference.

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