March 30, 2015

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DIY Cork Keychain

I personally love to be out on the water during the summer. Whenever I get the chance, I'm out by the pool or fishing out in the bay. It is because of this love for the water that I also have lost my keys a time or two. I've found a simple solution on pinterest that will help in such events. Just get a cork from a wine bottle and you can easily create your own keychain to help try to keep your keys visible if they ever fall in the water.


Cork from a wine bottle
Keychain ring
Screw eye


1. Grabe the screw eye and attach it to the keychain ring.

2. Screw the screw eye into one end of the cork.

3. Place your key on the keychain and it's ready to use.

Note: the more keys you place on the keychain, the harder it is going to be to keep it afloat so just keep the number of keys to a minimum if you are worried they might fall in.

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