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DIY Flat Iron Organizer

I absolutely love my flat iron but hate having to store it because I always seem to get the long cord tangled up with everything else in the drawer. I found a neat idea on the "Family Handiman" site that helped me get the cord under control and tried it out back home. This project can be used for flat irons or curling irons and is extremely easy to do. It's inexpensive and helps make the process of doing your hair just a little bit easier.

Here's what you will need:

1 inch PVC coupling
1 1/2 inch PVC coupling
Double-sided tape

1. Gather your materials and decorate the PVC couplings as desired. You could just use it as it is but if you want a more personal touch, you can use things like colorful duct tape, paint, or any other type of decoration.

2. Place a strip of the double-sided tape on one side of the PVC coupling and stick it firmly to the cabinet door. Make sure that the PVC couplings are level with one another and not too far apart since the larger one will hold the flat iron while the smaller one holds the cord.

3. Hold the PVC couplings for 20 seconds each so that they remain secure.

Now you're ready to store your flat iron or curling iron easily and efficiently for future use.

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