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DIY Graduation Box

For my last post, I decided to do a project with a theme that reflects my own upcoming graduation from Texas A&M. I wanted to create a box in the shape of a graduation cap for keepsakes of this upcoming weekend. If you decide to create your own, you can personalize it by writing on the top of the cap, adding decorations from your own school, or whatever else you desire.


- Wood post cap (flat top)
- Wood post base trim
- Small piece of thin lumber (sized to fit the base trim)
- Strong adhesive or a staple gun
- Small nails
- Black and white acrylic paints
- Protective acrylic top coat
- Black button
- Black and white yarn (for tassel)
- Small pieces of strong cardboard
- Some kind of decorative feature to highlight respective school (if desired)
- Double-sided tape
- Hot glue and glue gun

1. I purchased a wooden post base trim and cap from the fencing department at Home Depot. Since the base trim was connected together by staples on three sides (the last side was loose), I used some adhesive and stapled this remaining piece to the others on the back side.

2. While I was at Home Depot, I also had them make sure to cut a small piece of thin lumber to fit the size of the base trim. I took this piece and nailed the bottom to the base using the small nails. This should create what looks like a small box.

3. To make sure that the cap fit snugly into the box, I cut a small piece of cardboard to size so that it would make the pieces fit together tightly. To make the cardboard more attractive, I used a black and white piece of wallpaper tape to wrap around the four pieces of cardboard.

5. After the outside paint dried, I decided to cut out my school logo (TAMU) from a graduation invitation and used double-sided tape to place it on the bottom inside the box. This way, when the box is empty and it's open, you can see the logo.

6. Next, brush a protective acrylic coat on the outside of the box and let it dry.

7. You can then start working on the tassel part of the cap. To do this, grab the yarn to create the tassel and join it together by hot gluing the large black button to the middle of the top of the cap.

This is a great project that will be able to protect things like photos of this very important day for a long time. If you decide to have a party, you can even have your guests write small notes congratulating you on your successes and future endeavors.

I'm proud to be a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2013 and wish you and those you know success in all you do.

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