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DIY Patriotic Candle Holder

After almost a year of doing these fun DIY projects and writing this blog, this week will be my last post. I hope my blog posts have inspired some of y’all to do DIY decoration projects of your own!

For my last project, I wanted to do something patriotic for Memorial Day. I was thinking about what people normally do for this holiday and I could only think “BBQ picnic party,” and therefore my brain kept getting stuck on cupcakes. But finally I realized that many of these picnic parties are outside and go into the night, so I decided to make a DIY red, white, and blue tea candleholder.

For this project, I bought two small tea candleholders from Walmart for $0.74 each and some red, white, and blue tissue paper for less than a dollar. I also had to buy another bottle of ModPodge for $4.50 (I used the matte kind for this project) because I am visiting my parents this week in between the spring and summer semesters, and I forgot my ModPodge back at my apartment. But normally I wouldn’t have had to buy that and this project would’ve cost me only about $3 total.

First, I had to decide how to get small stars from the huge sheets of tissue paper. I was hoping to use a star-shaped paper punch, but I couldn’t find it at any store. So I found some star shaped puffy stickers for $0.94 and decided to just trace and cut the stars. This turned out to be quite tedious. Since the tea candleholders are quite small, the stars had to be itty-bitty. I traced six stars of each color (three of each color per candleholder) and then cut them out. If you do this, be careful cutting the stars out because the tissue paper rips very easily.

After I had all my stars cut out, I painted on a thin base coat of ModPodge where I was planning on placing the stars. After I placed them, I coated the entire candleholder in a fairly thick layer of ModPodge. Since the ModPodge is matte, it’s important to coat the entire thing. Otherwise ModPodged sections of the candleholder will be opaque and non-ModPodged sections will be clear.

Finally, I let the candleholders dry completely and then they were ready to go. I just used basic white tea candles inside, as not to take away from the color of the stars.

You could use any color tissue paper cut into any shapes to make these candleholders personalized and decorative. You could also use glitter instead of tissue paper to make a sparkly design.

I want to thank everyone so much for reading my blog and I hope that y’all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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