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DIY Personalized Wall Art

For me, DIY project can be therapeutic. With finals coming up, I’ve been stressed out and I wanted to do a project this week that would help me feel better. What better way to do that than ripping magazine pages to shreds? This was the basis of my idea. I also love elephants so I decided that a project that combines these two things would be the best choice.

So I chose to make a paper-shred silhouette. For this I used a canvas, some ModPodge, magazine pages, and a paintbrush. To begin, I looked up a picture of an elephant silhouette on the Internet and freehand copied it onto the canvas using a pencil so I could erase if I needed to. I’m not artistic at all and drawing is probably the one thing I am least talented at, but I was actually pretty proud of my elephant drawing.

After that, I ripped some pages out of a magazine and started ripping them to little shreds. I placed the shreds on the drawing to fit inside the lines. I had to make some shreds that were in a certain shape (triangle, oval) in order to fit the shape of my elephant. After placing them on the elephant I realized I had to move them all to put a base coat of ModPodge down. So I picked the shreds up in small groups, put ModPodge down, placed the correct shreds back onto the ModPodged area and then moved on to the next section. Once that was complete, I put a top coat of ModPodge over the entire elephant and added little shreds wherever I noticed the elephant was lacking.

Once the elephant looked like an elephant, I let the ModPodge dry and then hung my elephant up in the hallway. I was originally planning on painting around the elephant to make it more colorful, but once it was finished I actually liked the way the colorful elephant popped against the white background, so I decided to leave it blank.

This was really fun. It kind of felt like something that I would have done in kindergarten, except more precise and difficult. So it worked as a stress reliever, but also I was able to create a cute piece of art for my apartment.

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