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DIY Travel Towel Case

I feel like I'm always traveling somewhere and while I'm excited about a new road trip, the packing is definitely my least favorite part. I tend to feel like I'm packing a lot more than I need to when I'm dealing with my toiletries. I found a simple solution on pinterest, where the travel "bag" is actually a towel transformed into one with pockets that you can even throw in the wash when you get home so it's always nice and clean! Here's what you need to do:

- Small hand towel
- 1 ribbon
- Needle
- Thread

1. Grab the small hand towel and fold it about 1/3 of the way up and sew it together on both of the left and right edges.

2. Sew this same pattern three more times, creating four sections that resemble pockets.

3. Sew the ribbon to the middle of the back of the towel.

4. Now that you're finished making it, to store it simply roll one side towards the other and secure it with the ribbon.

This project was easy to make and took less than an hour. Now you have an easy way to store your toiletries on trips that can be cleaned efficiently as soon as you get home.

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