March 31, 2015

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Desk Solutions

Many people need a desk or home office, but finding the best ways to stay organized can be tough. It is ideal to keep only the essentials on your desk for a more simplified work space. Try these 3 tips for using vertical space to enhance your home office!

1. Shelve it: Maximize the area surrounding a small desk by installing shelving on the wall above. Cover shoe boxes with decorative paper, and use them to file documents or to store keepsakes.

2. Clip it: Use clipboards as a way to display important papers or artwork. Attach them to the wall with hot glue or by hanging them with picture frame nails. Cover the clipboards with cute paper, or spray paint them solid colors to match the surrounding color scheme.

3. Hang it: Attach a towel rack above your desk for a practical and visually appealing way to de-clutter your work space. Use hooks to hang scissors and small bins that can hold pens, tape, and other desk accessories.

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