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Happy Birthday Craft

My friends and I threw a surprise party for our friend Ryan last weekend, and instead of wasting time and money trying to find decorations that fit the theme, I made some of them. The theme of the party was Superman, so I decided to make a cute comic book Birthday banner.

To make this banner, I needed a comic book, some ribbon, a stapler, and some acrylic paint. First, I cut the pages of the comic book into triangles. I had originally wanted to write the words “Happy Birthday, Ryan!” on the banner, but I only had one comic book available so I was only able to put “Happy Birthday.” If you want more words, buy more comic books.

After I cut them in to equal-sized triangles, I used a stencil to trace the letters I wanted, and then painted the letters in with black acrylic paint. Once they dried, I stapled the ribbon to the backs of the triangles. It was kind of flimsy, so I left it in three pieces until I got to the party, then I stapled it together and taped it on the wall.

This banner was really easy to make and it fit perfectly into our Superman theme. Make sure you make the banner early enough to give the letters time to dry before you try to staple them, because I had to lay the triangles face down in order to staple the ribbon on, so if the paint was still wet it would smear. Other than that, a personalized banner is a great way to decorate a themed party!

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