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Mod Podge Book Table

Living in a furnished apartment has its advantages and disadvantages. Two huge disadvantages are that I never feel like I have enough furniture and none of the furniture I do have is personalized to my taste. This week, my DIY project combated both of these issues: I created a custom book-covered side table.

For this project, I needed a cheap side table (from Walmart, the kind you put together yourself), glue, paintbrush, old book, and ModPodge. I chose a book that I have several copies of so I didn’t feel guilty about ruining it.

To begin, I ripped the pages out of the book and ripped several pages up into smaller bits. Then I glued them to the top, sides, and legs of the table using the glue. Once that dried, I smoothed ModPodge over the top of all of the pages to seal it and give it a nice shine. After it dried, I put the table together and that was it! Now I have an extra table to put next to the sofa that is very personalized.

If you’re planning on using this table as a surface to put cups or plates on, I would suggest spraying it with clear sealer after it was completely dried. The sealer comes in a spray can and is sold near the spray paint at the store. This would help prevent the book pages from getting wet and ruined.

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