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Quick, Easy, and Cheap: DIY Container

This week, I did a really easy DIY project. My roommate wanted a little container to store things like bobby pins in her bathroom, but didn’t want to go out and buy something. Well around here, we’re all addicted to Starbucks Frappucinos, and they come in those little bottles.

My roommates and I took one of those bottles, cleaned it out really well, and took the label off completely. Then we put blue and green paint inside, closed up the bottle and tilted it until the entire inside was coated in the paint. Finally, we glued to little strips of rhinestones around the top to give it a little sparkle.

We already had paint from our canvas painting experience, so that was free. The Starbucks bottle was “free” in that we already had it, but it did initially cost money to get the Frappucino. The rhinestone strips were actually ripped off of an old phone case, so those were kind of free to us as well, but you could purchase something like that at a place like Hobby Lobby for a very low cost.

And that was it! In about five minutes time my roommate and I had created a cute little bottle for storing things in the bathroom in a decorative manner. And because we love Frappucinos so much, there will be many opportunities to make several matching bottles for our other bathrooms.

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