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Suitcases as Home Decor

Vintage suitcases have so much character and can be used for storage or as pieces of furniture. Repurpose your old suitcases, or seek them out at thrift stores, and get creative! Here are five ways to put them to use:

1. Try stacking four or five suitcases in order of size to create a lamp table for a hallway or living room. Choosing different shades of the same palette, such as neutrals, will add variety while maintaining a cohesive look.

2. Create a unique bedside table by varying color, rather than size. Stack three suitcases of the same size directly on top of one another. Most suitcases can be primed and painted easily, so you can have fun with color choices. Also, place a mirror as the tabletop to add dimension.

3. For a more simplified and uniform look, paint suitcases solid white or black, and use as a side table for a bedroom, living room, or entryway.

4. Use a weather-resistant coating on your old suitcases to make outdoor tables, or try opening them up and incorporating them into your garden. Plant small flowers just as you would into the ground, but make sure to poke a few holes in the bottom so that the plants will drain.

5. Turn a small train case into an elevated display. Arrange candles, glass bottles, and other decorative items in clusters. This type of decoration can be placed anywhere that needs a special touch.
If you are feeling very creative, try making pet bunk beds with your suitcases!!

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