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Use Mirrors to Add Dimension

Incorporating mirrors into your home decor can add variety and dimension to any room. The reflective properties can also create the illusion of a larger room with more open space. Try one of these six ways to make the mirror trend your own:

1. Find mirrors with frames of all different shapes and sizes, and choose two or three colors to paint them all. Place them in a random way along one wall so that they look natural and not too uniform. Choose colors that will match other elements throughout the room.

2. Try placing intricate looking mirrors of the same color on a wall together. Choose three or five (odd numbers work best) to hang above and next to a dresser or shelf.

3. For a more straightforward look, use three mirrors of the same shape and size, and hang them in an even horizontal line centered above a couch, table, or bed. This allows for a neat design with a more modern feel.

4. Opt for a vintage style by hanging hand mirrors in a cluster. Thrift shops and antique stores often have many unique options that are perfect to put on display.

5. Make your living room or hallway stand out with one mirror that serves as the central focus. Find a large mirror in any shape that you like, and hang it as the primary focal point on the wall.

6. Go for simplicity with a floor length mirror that is both useful and decorative. A white frame looks great when contrasted with colored walls and furniture.

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