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Very Handy Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are very handy for keeping important papers and reminders at eye level. But many bulletin boards that you can purchase at the store are boring and ugly. This week, I made a cute bulletin board and clipboard to hang by the desk.

For this project, I needed a few cheap picture frames (can be purchased at the Dollar Store and then painted any color you want), cardboard, corkboard, a clip, and hot glue. To begin, paint your picture frames if you want to and let them dry completely. You can get rid of the glass. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit one frame and a piece of corkboard to fit the second frame. Wrap both pieces tightly in burlap and hot glue it shut in the back. Hot glue the clip to the piece of cardboard, but make sure there’s enough room above the clip for the frame. Once the paint and glue have dried, put the cardboard and corkboard into the frames. If they’re too thick to put the frame backing on, you might have to glue them in place. Once everything is dry you can hang them on the wall and use them! The cardboard one is a clipboard and the cork one works as a bulletin board.

These frames are more attractive than generic bulletin boards but are still fully functional. You can paint the frames any way you like to match your existing décor. You can make the pretty pushpins I talked about two weeks ago for your bulletin board to make it even more attractive. This is a great way to decorate and get organized!

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