Bryan, TX

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Hi: 76° Lo: 50°

Feels like 76°F
Precipitation: 10%
Humidity: 100%

Dewpoint: 76°
Heat Index: 76°
Wind Direction: SSE
Wind Speed: 7 mph

Sunrise: 07:32:38 am
Sunset: 06:46:24 pm

Thunderstorms early. Some strong. Chance of rain is 80%. Afternoon clearing with highs in the mid 70s.

5 AM


Humidity: 100%
Precip: 10%

6 AM


Humidity: 95%
Precip: 20%

7 AM


Humidity: 97%
Precip: 50%

8 AM


Humidity: 95%
Precip: 70%

9 AM


Humidity: 94%
Precip: 60%

10 AM


Humidity: 89%
Precip: 20%


Hi: 78° Lo: 56

Hi: 77° Lo: 46

Hi: 75° Lo: 54

Hi: 82° Lo: 63

Hi: 68° Lo: 44

Hi: 61° Lo: 41

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Cold front brings quick round of storms, followed by pleasant Fall weather

A cold front is barreling south this evening. It'll make its way from the Dallas/Fort Worth metro this evening and into the Brazos Valley in the predawn hours on Sunday. Heavy rain, frequent lightning, and strong winds are the primary hazards with this front.

As far as timing goes, we still have a slim shot at some isolated showers and/or storms this evening through about sunset, but we'll remain mostly quiet until the morning hours on Sunday. The cold front will likely enter our northern communities around 4-5am Sunday and work through the region from north to south by 9-10am. Don't be surprised to be awakened by the sound of thunder and a quick 1-2" of rain is possible. Flooding is not a big concern, despite the intense rainfall rates expected. After 10am, rain and storms move out of the Brazos Valley and we're left with abundant sunshine and gusty northwesterly winds. Cooler, drier, Fall air is a real blessing.

Saturday Night: Cloudy with thunderstorms likely after 3am. Strong storms possible. Low: 67. Wind: SSE 10-20, shifting to the NNW at 15-25 mph after 7am.

Sunday: Rain and thunderstorms before 10am. Clearing & cooler by afternoon. High: 76. Wind: NNW 15-25 mph, with gusts upwards of 30 mph.

Sunday Night: Clear and cool. Low: 50. Wind: NNW 5-10 mph

Monday: Sunshine. Pleasant. High: 78. Wind: WNW 5-15 mph.

-- Meteorologist Mack Morris