Bryan, TX

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Hi: 87° Lo: 73°

Feels like 91°F
Precipitation: 20%
Humidity: 76%

Dewpoint: 75°
Heat Index: 91°
Wind Direction: SSW
Wind Speed: 7 mph

Sunrise: 06:24:15 am
Sunset: 08:21:53 pm

Mostly cloudy with isolated storms. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the low 70s.

1 PM


Humidity: 76%
Precip: 20%

2 PM


Humidity: 70%
Precip: 20%

3 PM


Humidity: 67%
Precip: 20%

4 PM


Humidity: 64%
Precip: 20%

5 PM


Humidity: 66%
Precip: 20%

6 PM


Humidity: 72%
Precip: 20%

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Hit-or-Miss Weekend Rain -- but a Needed Chance to Dry Out

Flooding rainfall has left a saturated ground in the Brazos Valley. Cloudy skies / foggy conditions kick off our Saturday, with a few breaks in the clouds / peeks of sunshine by afternoon. Afternoon highs are warming back up to the upper 80s -- factor in a saturated ground and it may feel more like a sauna when you step out.

Each afternoon, scattered areas of rain and possibly a stray thunderstorm cannot be ruled out (30%). We'll need to monitor for possible pocket of heavy rain -- especially since most of the area reported flooding over the past few days. Rain chance grows a bit more widespread by middle part of next week -- something to keep an eye on.

Saturday: Mix of sun & clouds with a 30% chance of rain and storms. High: 87. Wind: SSE 5-10 mph.

Saturday Night: Mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of rain and storms before 10pm. Low: 72. Wind: ESE 5-10 mph.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain and isolated storms. High: 87. Wind: ESE 5-10 mph.

Sunday night: Partly cloudy. Low: 70. Wind: SSE 5-10 mph.

--Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley

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