Bryan, TX

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Hi: 55° Lo: 40°

Feels like 35°F
Precipitation: 60%
Humidity: 100%

Dewpoint: 40°
Wind Chill: 35°
Wind Direction: NNW
Wind Speed: 8 mph

Sunrise: 07:00:16 am
Sunset: 06:17:58 pm

Scattered rain continues, although should be light through the overnight hours. Temperatures fall to the low 40s.

3 AM


Humidity: 94%
Precip: 60%

4 AM


Humidity: 93%
Precip: 50%

5 AM


Humidity: 95%
Precip: 70%

6 AM


Humidity: 96%
Precip: 80%

7 AM


Humidity: 96%
Precip: 70%

8 AM


Humidity: 96%
Precip: 60%


Hi: 52° Lo: 50

Hi: 70° Lo: 65

Hi: 75° Lo: 48

Hi: 59° Lo: 46

Hi: 69° Lo: 52

Hi: 72° Lo: 65

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Passing Showers, Another Cold Day

Scattered rain and thunderstorms continue across the Brazos Valley after a wet Wednesday. Overnight, the intensity should decrease, thunderstorm activity should subside, but scattered areas of light rain, drizzle, and mist are set to continue. Additional rainfall is only expected between a few hundredths to a localized few tenths of an inch.

More scattered light rain and drizzle is expected to continue Thursday as well (off and on). At this time, light accumulations are expected, heavier rain and storms are anticipated to remain outside of the Brazos Valley. It will be tough to shake this chill -- looking for most of us to only reach the 40s and 50s tomorrow afternoon. WHERE THIS FORECAST COULD CHANGE: We are at the mercy of a warm front moving north. if it can pass through the area, afternoon highs would then top off in the 60s to low 70s -- and outside, unlikely chance but not off the table. Warmer weather by the weekend, only to gear up for another rain and storm chance Saturday evening followed by cooler air spilling back in for Sunday.

Wednesday Night: Cloudy with a 60% chance of rain. Low: 43. Wind: N 5-15 mph.

Thursday: Cloudy with a 50% chance of rain and isolated thunderstorms. High: 52. Wind: NNE 5-15 mph, gusts to 20 mph.

Thursday Night: Cloudy with a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms. Low: 50. Wind: NNW 5-15 mph.

Friday: Mostly cloudy with a 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms before noon. High: 70. Wind: SSE 5-15 mph, with higher gusts.

-- Chief Meteorologist Shel Winkley