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Focus at Four

CS police chief discusses 16-hour standoff, expects more charges

How blue light is hurting your eyes--and the products that can help

A&M study: Psychological distress is keeping patients from seeking preventive care

Primaries across the U.S. present new problems for candidates

'Harvey’s not over': School’s about to start — but the trauma from Hurricane Harvey lingers

Mythbuster Monday: Appetite-suppressant lollipops claim to curb your hunger

In the wake of Maryland death, how locals keep athletes safe in heat

Back-to-school tech for your college student

Focus at Four: Cryptocurrency mining in Rockdale

Focus at Four: Texas A&M Forest Service responds to California wildfires

Focus at Four: Vibrio bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico

Focus at Four: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

Back to School Immunizations

Focus at Four: Meningitis Vaccination

After this election, Texas judicial races might never be the same

Facebook removes fake accounts associated with political disruption

Scammers blackmailing with password, 'embarrassing' content? Here's what to do

Local newspaper feels effect of newsprint tariff

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