Huskers Feeling The Heat

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - The defense is leaky. The running game
isn't dependable. There are too many turnovers.
Nebraska has won four of five games to start the season - yet
there might not be a more scrutinized 4-1 team in the nation.
The Cornhuskers say they can handle the shots from fans and
Defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh says he likes being held to a high standard, because he thinks the Huskers can achieve it.
Quarterback Sam Keller said a player needs to grow thicker skin
if he can't handle having his performances critiqued.
He says people who watch the games see what's happening on the
field. When the team isn't playing well, it's obvious, so that's
what is going to be talked about.
Nebraska coach Bill Callahan says he'll never apologize for a win, regardless of how it looks.
He said the kind of dominance enjoyed by USC since 2002, much
like the dominance of Nebraska in the mid 1990s, is harder than
ever to achieve.
Callahan was asked today whether his team's hard-earned
victories this season have given him a greater appreciation for the
1990s' run by Tom Osborne at Nebraska.
The fourth-year coach said he's in awe of all the great powers
in college football history. He named Notre Dame in the 1940s under
Frank Leahy and Oklahoma in the 1950s under Bud Wilkinson, who he
called "Wilkerson."