Baylor Assistant Coach May Face Disciplinary Action

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WACO, Texas -- Baylor University athletics officials say they're considering disciplinary action against an assistant football coach accused of urinating on a bar.
Waco police say Baylor offensive line and tight ends coach Eric
Schnupp was cited for disorderly conduct-reckless exposure Sunday
morning at a Waco bar named Scruffy Murphy's.
The citation is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a $258 fine.
Bartender Danny Severe says the incident happened around closing
time Sunday morning. He says Schnupp apparently thought no one was
watching him as employees were moving patrons out of the building.
Severe said an employee witnessed Schnupp urinating on the bar,
and a manager told police officers who were already there for an
unrelated matter.
Schnupp in his first year on head coach Guy Morriss' staff.