Bryan Buccaneers Trying to Capture Some Super Bowl Magic

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There’s a group of local Pop Warner football players who have done very well this year… and have a chance to capture a little Magic… the Magic Kingdom, that is.

The Bryan Buccaneers have two teams in the playoffs. The boys, ranging in age from 9 to 14, start the first round of semi-finals in Houston this weekend, and then Thanksgiving weekend in San Antonio. If they win in both cities, they go to the Super Bowl in Florida the first week in December.

While this is a great opportunity, they need your help. It will cost about $50,000 for both teams to make the trip to Florida. They’ve applied for a grant, but still need help from sponsors.

If you’d like to sponsor the Bryan Buccaneers in their Super Bowl attempt, call Debbie at 979-422-1073, or Nick at 979-422-4960.